SISA supports Dignity Dreams

Dear Sisters
Please see the project below. This such a perfect project for us…and a national collaboration would make it so much more powerful in every way.
Sally Currin
President: SISA

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dignity dreams new pads.5DIGNITY is the birth right of every girl and woman – and it starts with education
Can we really afford to let young girls miss 60 school days EVERY year?

Why we need your support
Every time you donate money, sewing machines, over lockers or polycotton material you are helping us achieve our two goals:
• To distribute 1 000 packs per month to girls and women.
Our market research indicates that young girls have the greatest need for our Dignity Dreams packs – it is them who miss up to 60 school days per year; marry too young and have their own children at an age when they should be experiencing the joys of youth.
• To create sustainable employment by giving previously unemployed women and men the opportunity to acquire a skill and earn a decent wage.
Every Dignity Dreams pack purchased means that the previously unskilled, unemployed women and men we employ, will earn a decent wage and be able to support and educate their families! Dignity Dreams packs are proudly made and produced in South Africa.
Our approach to doing business
1) Partnerships – Start conversations between girls, women, community and church leaders, social workers, volunteers about taboos, gender and human rights and misinformation regarding their bodies. By strengthening our partnerships we will have a measurable impact on communities and societies;
2) Transfer skills to previously unemployed women and men and set up protective workshops;
3) Ensure that our environment is not polluted by sanitary wear.

For more information and banking details contact:
Sandra Millar
Melodie Heyns
Tel 012 430 2630 or 082 555 4905


About Soroptimist International South Africa

Soroptimist International South Africa (SISA) is part of a worldwide organisation of women with a social conscience who strive to inspire action and create opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls. Soroptimists work together and with international partnerships to act as a global voice for women through Awareness, Advocacy and Action.
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One Response to SISA supports Dignity Dreams

  1. Dear South African Soroptimist sisters, it would indeed be wonderful if we could go National with this project. SI Durban and SI Gtahamstown are already-participating.
    Lisette Genseberger
    SISA President-elect
    PAC Officer

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