SI Cape of Good Hope

Soroptimist International Cape of Good Hope club was chartered on 3 April 1963.

Hello from your new Cape of Good Hope web co-ordinator Lieske Bester with a much needed update of our page!

Celebrating 50 years of service to the community

S.I. Cape of Good Hope celebrated its 50th Anniversary on Saturday 20 April 2013. Read more about it on our News Snippets page. Read the Thank You Letter from the SISA President, Sally Currin.


As our club gears up for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and we look back with justifiable pride we also think of the many splendid and unique women that went before us and made our club such an active and productive Soroptimist group.

If you are interested to see who and what they were contact Tamara Rennie on as the Roll of Honour forms part of the commemorative booklet she is compiling.

Apart from the detailed preparations for 19 and 20 April and visits from Friendship link and other overseas Soroptimists (who are also drawn to the beauty of the Cape!),   the past year has been filled with long term and new ventures across a wide range of beneficiaries.

Lourier Primary School in Retreat

In line with the Federation focus on education and thanks to the Rhona and Ronnie Maid foundation we are able to continue the employment of a part time librarian at the library for the next year.  Virginia Elissac is doing wonderful work with the senior grades in particular.  Story reading to the juniors as co-ordinated by Maureen Rookledge is a regular weekly event and with hands on involvement of one of our club members this is our flagship project.

Claremont High School library

Thanks to one of our friendship links (S I Ramsbottom UK) we were able to present the library with a set of quality books.  It is also our current President’s project.

Cecil Jacobs Dance School

This is another friendship link project as S I Canterbury UK provides the funding for the marvellous work of the principal who originally used his own income to give access to ballet for disadvantaged young people. A club member is directly involved in the application of the money which this year was directed to the education of a very promising girl ballerina.

My Future – the next step

This one day seminar for Grade 11 girls from a large variety of schools (85 in 2012) has become an annual highlight on the club calendar.  Life skills, Self Defence, ‘My sexuality’, Money Management and a career panel form part of the programme which entitles the participants to a certificate. The event takes place at Pick & Pay Head office and refreshments, goody bags are sponsored by the company.  Planned by a sub-committee, every club member contributes to this much enjoyed workshop.

Bursary students

Funded by a trust fund financed from a past club member of the club we have assisted two students at the University of the Western Cape with their fees and bought them laptops. They both graduated in December 2012 with Science degrees and we are financially assisting them this year to obtain their Honours degree.

Once again monitoring is done by a club member on a regular basis.  The young women also formed part of the team at our stall at the annual Community Chest Carnival.

Green House Gardens

A portion of the MAID donation financed irrigation sprinklers for two vegetable gardens run by Mhani Gingi (an entrepreneurial network which encourages women to become self-supporting).  The gardens are monitored by a club member.

Saartjie Baartman Home for abused women and children

Initiated by S I False Bay some 25 years ago, there is a strong club involvement.

One of our members communicates regularly on the needs of the shelter, while three green fingered members look after the Garden of Serenity which is a beautiful place of quiet for the residents and their counsellors and will be on proud display for guests to the 50th celebration.

St Joseph’s Home for chronically ill children

Now in its second year a club member has initiated a programme where a volunteer masseur works on traumatised infants and trains nurses to do the same. Thanks to our special sponsor we have managed to meet a number of vital requests.

Douglas Murray Home for the aged

One of our members is on the board and another member who is a qualified chiropodist provides special foot care for selected residents and has trained nurses to do the basic foot care.

The toilets will be made wheelchair friendly and both projects are funded by the MAID donation.

Annual Community Chest Carnival

For 35 years we have run a Tombola stall (with a books and a bric-a-brac section).   This is the one project which has all four Soroptimist legs: working for the community (we raise close on R20 000 over four days for some 500 welfare organizations) -interacting with other organizations – making ourselves and our organization known to the public – close and hands-on involvement by all club members who collect prizes, donate money to purchase stock, set up and dismantle the stall, do the transport  and together with family and friends fill a roster of 90 work shifts.

 Sundry projects

  • At our International Day brunch in December a raffle raised R610 for the International President’s 3E Healthcare Project.
  • Club members planted trees on World Environment Dayat two different venues.
  • We assist with transport and refreshment at the annual Spring Visit for the elderly organized by a club member and the Constantia Valley Garden Club.
  • Purchase of a data projector and screen to Iris House Hospice for training of caregivers – which includes a club member.
  • For the second year we have allotted a portion of the MAID funding to sponsor two female ex-prisoners to obtain their care-giver certificate to facilitate re-entry into society.
  •  Every year for World Food Day, club members donate dry soup ingredients which one of our members collects and delivers to a sub-economic primary school for nutrition of the pupils during the winter school holidays.

 Not a bad score card you will agree!



3 Responses to SI Cape of Good Hope

  1. Thank you Lieske and Ina for updating our page.

    • Marian de labije, SI club Zwolle NL. says:

      Hallo Lisette, stuur me s.v.p. jullie privé mail adres. Vorig jaar is mijn p.c. gecrasht en ben alle bestanden kwijt! Groet, Marian de Labije, Zwolle

  2. sally says:

    What a wonderful celebration of 50 years you hosted! A celebration in keeping with your amazing achievements over the years as well as your current involvement which touches so many lives. A Soroptimist friend and great admirer, Sally (SISA President 2013/4)

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