Meeting/contact details SI Durban


When: Second  Tuesday of every month

Where: Shree Prop Holdings 102 Florida Road, Musgrave, Durban

Time:  17:45

Contact details




Postal address:  P O Box 18598, Dalbridge 4014


From the left: Past President Annisha Shree; President Saijal Bandulal; Immediate Past President Yatisha Ramdarie.

President:                                 Saijal Bandulal –

Immediate Past President: Yatisha Ramdarie –

Secretary:                                   Avitha Ramdarie   –

Treasurer:                                 Annisha Shree

Public Relations Officers:    Nishani Shah & Sheetal Bhoola

Press & Publicity:                     Sanam Shree –

President-Elect & Programme Action Officer: Yuvati Shah –

Friendship Links:                    Yajna Kilawan & Pretha Shah –




One Response to Meeting/contact details SI Durban

  1. Averil Spiers says:

    Dear Jane,

    I would like to re-join the Soroptimists, I was a member about 17 years ago but had to leave as I left to live in Rosetta. I am currently in Singapore but will be returning on the 23/01/2104, my daughter Debbie Nelson would also like to join. Colleen Pieterse may remember me, I was so excited to see that she is still a member. I am using Debbie’s email address, mine is cell no: 079 0609605 Please contact me thanks you, kind regards Averil Spiers

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