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The Club is involved in various initiatives and events throughout the year. Some highlights of 2016:


The Club hosts its annual Adventure into Womanhood in August.

The purpose of this event is to inspire, motivate and empower Grade 11 girls, from various government schools based in disadvantaged communities, with skills required to make the transition from high school to tertiary education easier.

Experts in various fields present talks and advice relevant to the girls. Refreshments, lunch and goodie bags are provided for all the girls who attend. SI Durban also uses the Adventure into Womanhood event to source applicants for our Bursary Programme, initiated in 2014. The bursary is awarded to a deserving candidate after a rigorous selection process. To date, three full bursaries have been awarded.


An ongoing project of the club is to provide a library to the students of Lakehaven Secondary School. SI Durban is busy with refurbishments at the school.  The Club was very fortunate to receive a donation of more than 10 000 books, which were sorted by members for use in this project and distribution to other schools in the Durban area.


SI Durban participated in the Women’s Expo at the Greyville Convention Centre in February 2016. SI Durban organised free health screenings courtesy of Lab 24, essential dietary advice from a dietician and holistic healing with tarot readings to visitors.


MovieA first for SI Durban in 2016 where we raised R20 000 for the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre with a sold out premiere screening of Mother’s Day, starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson at Cinema Nouveau Gateway on 27 April 2016.


SI Durban Executive Member and Psychologist Dr Pretha Shah prepared guidelines and advice on how to cope with stress. Assisted by SI MDurban mmbers, interactive talks were delivered to Grade 11 pupils and stress balls distributed.


Work has begun at the Corner Stone Remedial School where SI Durban is building a sensory garden for special needs and autistic children. The garden will incorporate essential developmental elements of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell.


SI Durban is proud to be associated with the IBV Children’s Day and will for the 4th consecutive year distribute coloured popcorn at the event where more than 1500 disadvantaged children enjoy VIP status!


Blanket Drive where we distributed more than 200 Blankets to residents of an informal settlement in Clare Estate, the Grannies at Embo Valley and the destitute at Riet River. The club also supported blanket distribution at the Rama Krishna Centre in Phoenix.

Laughter Yoga and morning Tea for the aged at Mothwa Haven is always special!

Project Smile – SI Durban distributed McDonalds Happy Meals to children in Riet River.

Food Hamper Initiative – SI Durban is proud to support the Child Welfare South Africa Duffs Road annual food hamper distribution with our time and donations.

The club also participated in a SISAN initiative Keeping a Girl Child at School and distributed sanitary pads to more than 500 teenage girls.

Sanitary pads











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