SI Mafikeng

Club focus

SI Mafikeng was chartered in October 1989 and its work focuses on assistance to child-headed families, other young people at risk and the elderly.


Kgakgamatso Family
This project started when the club identified a disadvantaged child-headed family, where both parents had passed way. This family consisted of three older, inexperienced children between the ages 16 to 21 and five younger ones between 14 and one year old. The club
started to support the family in the short-term, by providing monthly groceries, clothing, regular visits, etc. In the longer term, social workers within the club started visiting the family, identifying areas of need regarding health, education, and others. Contacts were then made with the relevant government departments to intervene. Also, efforts were made to make their home more habitable and suitable for the young family’s needs. Needless to say, that there have been countless challenges in dealing with issues such as furniture, bedding, clothing, as well as the behaviors of individual members of the family.
The club, however, dealt with these challenges one at a time. The family is presently receiving foster care grant and child support grants for the four children born by the two older girls. Their yard is now equipped with a borehole and fenced.

The Family Gardens Project
The club decided to introduce a new project for needy families such as the Kgakgamatso family to enable them to generate income for themselves and also to provide food for their household. The Kgakgamatso family is, therefore, the first family to get involved in the
garden project. A fence around the house serves as a security for the children, as well as securing the small crops from stray animals in the village and possible theft. Plans are in place to assist them to fix or replace the broken pump and get them started on the garden project, where they will be able to generate food for themselves and sell to others.

The Needy Children’s Project
CN Lekalake secondary school has been adopted by SI Mafikeng, willing to do a joint project with the club to help needy children from extremely destitute families in the school. This project has been conducted by the school for almost three years and currently
there is a need for partnership to enhance the project. The children’s needs are quite basic, requiring intervention and empowerment. Currently five learners (two girls and three boys) are in the process of being assisted with uniforms, books, food parcels and transport fees to school. Also, the family of four of these children has been identified for establishment of a family garden.

Adventure into Adulthood
This project, which started around approximately 1996, has been ongoing. It was originally called Adventure into Womanhood, but later changed to Adulthood, to include the male students in the schools. The working committee for this project usually arranges a one day
event at one of the Primary/middle Schools. The project involves meeting with the youth, where various relevant topics such as teenage issues, HIV/AIDS, life skills, career guidance, health and beauty are offered, to create awareness among the participants. This year, the CN Lakalake secondary school has been identified for this project. The club plans to have special sessions with the learners and their parents to discuss family life style issues.

This project, which was very successfully initiated in 1990, is being revived. Steps such as collection and sorting of books and a few site visits have already started. A librarian from our club is coordinating the project and one volunteer from the Mogosane village has offered to oversee the local library. Plans are underway to visit and replenish the older libraries and establish more new ones.


2 Responses to SI Mafikeng

  1. Margaret Clayson says:

    Greetings from Richmond and Dales

  2. Benny says:

    Wow!thats great,um located in Mafikeng,magogoe.On our community we have some other project called Isibindi we it also identify such people…

    One of my primary aim is to have you on our community project helping our youth forum an stuff..

    Keep in contacts with us an help us build a better lives. Contacts details: 0845794783

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