How to become a Soroptimist

Becoming a Soroptimist is easy!

  • Contact an existing club in your region and indicate your willingness to become a Soroptimist
  • You will be inducted as a member during a short welcome ceremony
  • Members pay an annual levy, which is paid over to the federation office in May, i.e. Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland, for administrative purposes
  • Jump in and enjoy it! Add your skills and passion to the projects your club supports, or introduce new projects.

No existing club in your area?

  • Get a group of friends or business acquaintances together who share your passion for making a difference
  • Make a list of possible places to support – especially those places that do not receive formal support from either other charities or government
  • Contact the Soroptimist International of South Africa (SISA) office to propose the charter of a new club. SISA will advise you as to the correct procedure and any other advice you may need.

2 Responses to How to become a Soroptimist

  1. R. Naomi Wakefield-Stapersma (née Gorven) says:

    I am interested in learning more about the Soroptomists in South Africa

  2. Grace Mlimo says:

    I am quite interested in joining a soroptimist in Johannesburg. I live in Bryanston and would be very interested in knowing which club is closest to join the life changing group. Please share more information on membership. via email

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